“The BEST of the best” All you need to know about the beauty world of TAIWAN.

“Sincerity is a behavior and is also a kind of universal principle as well. An honest man, his behavior must fit the compliment of moral integrity. According to this, an honest man who must be a responsible person as well can take charge of whatever he did from the starting to the completed. No matter the job load is heavy or not. On the contrary, a dishonest man can finish a job done with nothing.” – Excerpt from Moderation.

History of Taiwan Cosmetic Industry

 From early 1900s

Taiwanese used Threading as the early cosmetic product. It was a very popular beauty care technique you can see in the street in 1920s and 1930s. According to the record, 20,000 dozens of face powder products were exported to Japan each year since 1927. In 1940, the first cosmetic factory was built in Taiwan, which produced hair treatments as the main products. By the end of World War II, more and more factories were built and the cosmetic industry started to boom in Taiwan. Large quantity and diversity skin care products were launched in the domestic market from this time. In 1949, the status quo was broken; Taiwan government implemented economic control measures and prohibited import of cosmetic products from other countries. Meanwhile, the government levied high tax on domestic cosmetic products; as a result, Taiwan products began to export to other countries on a large scale.

According to the statistics of Customs Administration, MOF., since 1955, Taiwan cosmetic products not just export to Hong Kong and Philippine, but also expended areas export to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries.

Stopped by the barrier of high tariff and restricted trade, many global brand cosmetic corporations had to change their strategies to cooperate with Taiwan domestic manufacturers instead of selling products to Taiwan directly. In 1957, the Taiwan government allowed global brands, which can authorize manufacturing and provide raw materials to produce their products only by Taiwan manufacturers. Owing to the new regulation, Shiseido set up her company in Taiwan and manufactured their products locally. Afterwards, they sold Taiwan made products to Southeast Asia countries. These global brand companies, which co-op with Taiwan companies were not just increased their revenues from Taiwan market, but also enhanced their Taiwan partners’ capabilities in manufacturing. This was a win-win corporation to both sides.

Awakening Market

In 1961, the Taiwan government opened the gate allowing overseas made cosmetic products to import into Taiwan market directly.

In 1971, the Taiwan government developed the draft of “Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene”, and asked all cosmetic manufacturers must have the factory registration certificate to manufacture.

In December 1972, the Taiwan government promulgated the “Statute for Control of Cosmetic Hygiene” which categorized cosmetic products into total 15 categories.

Based on accumulating more than 40 years cosmetic manufacturing experience, Taiwan cosmetic manufacturers have developed bunches of variety and advanced manufacturing know-how and technology, especially in specific and characteristic cosmetic, safe and functional cosmetic, Eco green and organic cosmetic, medical beauty cosmetic, etc. Most manufacturers have met the requirements of Halal, and have synchronized with the world trend to get ISO22716 certification.

All advanced manufacturing techniques come from well academic R&D environment. In 1993, the first cosmetic research organization, Taiwan Cosmetic Research Academic Division was established in under the department of cosmetic application and management in Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, until now, there are total of 34 universities in Taiwan have cosmetic related academic departments to cultivate professional talents.

From Taiwan to Worldwide

By the statistics of Ministry of Finance, ROC, between January to July 2017, cosmetic products were exported to more than 50 countries (including cosmetic pencil liner) as follow : Turkey、China、Brazil、Bahrain、Panama、Japan、Belgium、Israel、Canada、Guatemala、Belarus、Hungary、Indonesia、India、Dominican Republic、Spain、Greece、Brunei Darussalam、Saudi Arabia、Bangladesh、Palau、France、Poland、Finland、United Arab Emirates、Russia、Korea、Cambodia、United States、United Kingdom、Hong Kong、Colombia、Thailand、Uruguay、Peru、New Zealand、Malaysia、Czech Republic 、Netherlands、St. Lucia、Philippines、Viet Nam、Austria、Ireland 、Singapore、Switzerland、Italy、Portugal、Germany、Burma、Lebanon、Australia、Macao、Lesotho、Republic of Cyprus.

Almost all of these countries haven’t signed the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with Taiwan yet. In other words, Taiwan made cosmetic products can sell to these countries because of the benefits in invention, high quality, fine reputation, product competitiveness, and completed finance and manufacturing system in this industry. These advantages are not only a low tariff or free tariff can eliminate. More further, most factories all obey the guideline, that is “integrity and quality can make everything.” And, this has become the DNA existing inside every factory and company in Taiwan.

Facial mask, the most famous cosmetic product of Taiwan, for instance, the total yield estimated about one hundred million pieces each year and the yield continue to grow up since 2012 according to the data by the marketing search in Taiwan. And, this has caused a fashion trend to apply facial masks in those countries around Taiwan and caught global brands eyes also!

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